Montgomery Rehab & Nursing

Montgomery General Elderly Care Center celebrated thirty years of service to the upper Kanawha Valley with an open house on July 24, 2015.  The celebration also served to launch a new name and a new focus for the facility.

Montgomery General Elderly Care Center began serving the residents of the upper Kanawha Valley on July 15, 1985 as a free-standing nursing facility under the corporate umbrella of Montgomery General Hospital, and has enjoyed many years of success in this endeavor. Vickie Gay, CEO of Montgomery General Hospital notes that “The needs of the residents of the upper Kanawha Valley are changing and area businesses must change to accommodate those needs. In order to enhance the quality of life for both the elderly residents who plan to stay in long term care and to facilitate the needs of the younger patients who need rehab to home, Montgomery Rehab and Nursing must offer comprehensive physical therapy and occupational therapy, as well as speech therapy.” She adds, “These services are not only available, but they operate as quality services with proven outcomes.”

Medicare and many commercial insurances cover rehabilitation services in the long term care setting and Montgomery Rehab and Nursing accepts these forms of payment. The goal is to restore the patient to his or her optimal function and to enable those who meet their rehabilitation goals to return to their home setting. Rehabilitation is common after surgeries such as joint replacement, repair of hip or other bone fractures, CVA (Stroke), abdominal surgery, and recovery from accidents and other injuries. However, one of the more common needs for rehabilitation in the older adult is strengthening after a prolonged illness or hospitalization for problems such as pneumonia, which confines the person to bed for a period of days. Short term intravenous antibiotic therapy can be provided along with wound care and other skilled services. Rehabilitation therapy and skilled care needs can be as short as a few days or can last months. Patient and resident care is supervised by Dr. Sammar Atassi who serves as the Medical Director of Montgomery Rehab and Nursing.

While the patient is participating in rehabilitation he/she can also participate in the many activities offered by the facility such as church services, bingo, games, crafts and other programs. Montgomery Rehab and Nursing offers a beautiful, enclosed courtyard with a small pond, shade trees and beautiful flowers for the patients and residents to enjoy.

Montgomery General also offers short and long term rehabilitation on the hospital side of the campus. Montgomery General Extended Care provides these services on the second floor of the hospital. The third floor of Montgomery General, which is home to the acute care unit, is also licensed to accommodate short term rehabilitation needs in a program known as the “swing bed” which accepts traditional Medicare. Patients can also benefit from the outpatient services of the rehabilitation department after their discharge from the acute care or the inpatient rehab setting.

Montgomery General and Montgomery Rehab and Nursing thank the community for thirty years of support and look forward to serving the future needs of the residents and patients from the upper Kanawha Valley and beyond.